A reason for not drinking

Socialising is always an important part of maintaining our balance, whether in work or in life. So there shouldn’t be anything to affect our social life or simply to un-wind at the end of the day.

A drink brand that challenges the social norm when choosing non-alcoholic drinks. When did getting an 0% alcohol drink need an explanation? The project aims to point out the social issues, gaps and frailties to increase understanding between drinkers and non-drinkers in a non-judgmental way. While the message connects with the consumers on a deeper level, the products provide exciting choices for them.

Making 0% a bold and proud choice for everyday social situations.

“So” can have many meanings, pair up with different messges

Non-alcoholic at heart, SO% is designed to give non-drinkers a much more exciting choice of drinks when going out/socialising and motivations for staying dry.

Can design and back of pack

The pop-colours, simplicity of the brandmark allow the products to stand out in a sea of sameness.

Hints of multiple ways of use, as its own or a mixer

Crafting sophisticated tastes to elevate the drinking expxerience.

Amplifying the key message in various channels.