Magnificent the mundane

Sensations of the Ordinary


Magnificent the Mundane
NTU Staff brief

Our mind is constantly interpreting and giving structure to the raw input from our eyes. We prefer an ordered world, familiar shapes and regular patterns, simple manners. That is what our ordinary day is about.

“Therefore where possible, we see stable rectangular forms although these forms appear most of the time distorted due to perspective projection. This principle is called shape constancy.”

We want to be surrounded by things that make us think, that entertain our mind. Bringing disruptions into the mundane, and let it challenges our perception of ordinary things.

Now you see it, now you don’t 

A render of the actually reflection

What could be a real product

What could be a real product


when fabric folded...

“… the picture, as such, is reduced to an abstraction. It is a roundabout direct way of getting broken textural effects. It’s much more direct to determine the purpose to which the fabric will be used, and then make the most of the material itself.”
- Alexander Girard