Brand designer: Identity & Packaging


I think branding has the power to make real changes‭. ‬It is not about telling people what they need or want‭. ‬It's about demonstrating that a brand understands and relates to it's audiences on an emotional level‭. ‬We can change behaviours through design‭.‬

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Specialised in

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative communication
But not limited to:
Environmental Branding
Digital Product Branding


A simple idea that solves a problem in an unexpected way.

Every brief is a chance to learn and challenge myself to create something unique and better. For me, every design must be a purposeful approach that could solve a specific need of society based on the nature of the category it belongs to. That belief would then gives a much larger room for design practice in the overall crafting process, in which I could navigate how the product should look & feel based on an understanding of consumer insights. 

Inspired to become a multi-disciplinary, I’m looking to broaden my ability in design and to work in a diverse and collaborative environment. I believe that all kinds of designs have something in common. We could learn so much from each others through collaborations.


2008 - Diploma in Multimedia
2009 - Web / UI design
2012 - Corporate identity / Web design
2014 - Packaging design
2015 - Packaging design
2017 - Packaging & Systematic branding in F&B / Project lead
2020 - Brand design in Personal care / Project lead

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