The Artés selection

The intentional ‘touch’



Creating a branding system for Dove Artés, an upgraded experience of chocolate gifting collection that highlighted intentional touchs.


When product selling moved to online, we aimed to create an ultimate unboxing experience in the world of gifting...


Dove Artes chocolate was presented as a relevance choice for many gifting occasions by utilising the use of the sleeve to cover the box with different themes/stories.

The cut-out window and carefully designed illustrations interacted with the box, creating a sense of imagination and playful in the whole unboxing experience. The stories I created, which inspired from all of our familiar gifting experiences. It were constructed with the most iconic elements to link back to the emotional perception of gifting.

The windows to the world of gifting.

A unique cut-out window, tailored for each occasion or flavor ranging, frames a shape, which plays with the graphic elements surrounding. All creates a story, linked with different occasions in an imaginative way.
Patterns were created from the window shapes to be used in many ways while preserving the essence of the brand.

The Gold Label that symbolizes premium quality

The box itself stands as a strong representation for the brand, a gold label symbolises the stamp of quality while shows the strong linkage with Dove.
The pattern printed on the wrapping paper was created using the shapes of die-cut windows of the paper sleeves, represented different gifting occasions.


Digitalised the physical interaction

Bringing the unique assets that define Artés from pack to digital.